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Your investment in GBC paves the way for us to live up to our commitments.We are developing to involve businesses and individuals who are enthusiastic about funding ecologically sound projects.

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Green Blue Coin, or simply GBC, is the pro-environmental token that aims to fulfill eco-friendly projects. We are committed to spending the profits of GBC on the implementation of the Green Earth Project. Our goal is to create a profitable and early-yielding business in the production of green earth with the lowest rate of pollution and to produce renewable and green energy.

We think about the future of the planet. The house we live in and we will leave it in the hands of our children. Every person is obliged to protect this green and beautiful house.

Prevent global warming
Preventing the increase of Garbage
Tempor erat elitr rebum at clita
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Why Us!

Earth protectors and environmentalists

Clear goals
We have always made it clear to you about what we have done and what we intend to do in the future
Safe & Secure
Buying and selling gbc token has always been safe and no one has ever lost by buying and selling this token and everyone has always made 100% profit from buying and selling it.
Affordable Plans
We have very targeted and at the same time very valuable plans in the works, which will be revealed with the trust and support of the gbc community.
Secure Storage
You can always buy and sell gbc with peace of mind and even store it because whoever does this more often will get more profit and has helped us in the implementation of long-term plans.
Create projects
By creating environmental projects, we are always trying to deal with global warming, garbage removal, polar ice protection, as well as forest and animal protection.
24/7 Support
Our support team has always tried to be responsive to our customers and investors. In this regard, we are still strengthening our support force to help you better.


Our special and reliable services for you

Savings and profits

You can safely keep your capital on the gbctoken website and receive monthly profits from it

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Buy and sell

At any time, you can sell your currency on the website to us or to others, which is one of the features of this website.

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Be our representative

You can act as an agent on our behalf and promote our services to the public in environmental reset projects, we will support you in this way.

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Currency Exchange

If you have gbc currency in your wallet and want to convert it to any currency, just contact us and we will convert your token to any currency you want and return it to you without any fees.

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GBC escrow

We try to pay you monthly interest even with your GBC deposit, so if you have GBC, invest it now.

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Token Sale

If you have a reliable token, you can introduce it on our website so that we can help you to better communicate with the crypto community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Green Blue Coin or simply GBC is a pro-environmental token which aims at fulfilling eco-friendly projects. The GBC token with a maximum supply of 30,000,000, corresponds to the widely accepted technical standard BEP20, used for smart contracts on BEP20

GBC includes environmental matters in their tasks to eradicate waste and deposits, increase the efficiency and output of their tasks, and reduce practices that severely affect the world's natural resources .it works hard in the existing situations (global warming, demolition, energy effectiveness, waste investment control and sustainable attainment)

Green Earth is one of the ongoing projects of GBC. Green Earth technology is a unique waste conversion technology that is based on the steam reformation process of various heterogeneous waste feed stocks and produces green hydrogen

You can find all links to our official accounts on our website

All daily updated information about the token and the number of its holders is provided on the coinmmarketcap website

1. On the website in the personal account (two methods are available: crypto2crypto and by card) 2. on the exchanges where the token is presented. You can find a list of exchanges on our website

The purchase of a token is carried out according to the crypto2crypto scheme and by card on the website in the personal account or on one of the exchanges listed. Use the detailed instruction showing how to buy GBC.

1. Go to the wallet settings and enter "GBC Token" in the search bar 2. Choose the token standard:BEP20 3. If the search does not give any results, add the token manually using the following smart contract address: 0xda0ea290b5e61f0a1ad2fa21be4ad0242567c91e you can also use the detailed instruction on how to register a wallet