Green – Blue – Coin, shortly GBC, is extremely secure and assured investment which has the responsibility of fulfilling environmentally-friendly projects.

We offer an opportunity for you to act as a content creator for our web page. to publicize your eco-friendly projects, send us the photos of your green career, plans, ideas as well as innovative and informative ecological articles of yours toward maintaining the natural well-being of the earth .to appreciate your cooperation, we then, share your green content in our communities and you as a member of conservationists will have the priority to take part in a monthly drawing to earn GBC.




GBC, known as a GREEN- BLUE- COIN or shortly GBC (metaphor of the first gold coins) is issued by Coinexer, the world’s well-established and user-friendly exchange platform having the responsibility of fulfilling environmentally-friendly projects. The GBC Token is backed by gold mines owned and operated by Plotus Capital Holdings Inc. in Ghana, Africa. The spot price of GBC varies depending on the market demand. Initial price of GBC corresponds to $57, calculated based on the capital behind. It can benefit from both gold and cryptocurrency features while maintaining the price appreciation from markets. All Tron wallets support GBC. We are committed to spend the benefits of GBC on enhancement of the environment around us. A group of young and talented people in the field of artificial intelligence, security software, environment analysis, global health, blockchain technology and etc. are gathered to guarantee the lunch and success of the project.

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GBC endeavors to build a bridge between environment and everyone who is passionate to make a meaningful impact on "Earth".


By investing on GBC take huge strides towards a healthier and greener tomorrow.